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Following on from our old control, the IPC17, there is now an IPC21 control. The Version 21 makes it possible to work with a Windows 10 application. With the update, not only has something changed in the windows version, many other adjustments have also been made. For example, the screen is no longer square but rectangular, the colors have been updated and information is easier to find and more quickly accessible.


Below some improvements of the new version:


  • Easier to use
  • Different resolution and ready for the future
  • Manual can be found on the terminal
  • Electrical schematic can be found on the terminal
  • Safety instruction can be found on the terminal
  • Cleaning instructions can be found at the terminal
  • RFID is now integrated in the terminal
  • Heavier PC for faster calculations
  • Faster way of starting up the control
  • Error and solution are no longer in the manual but directly in the screen
  • There is a notion block on the home page for notes from the customer (are stored per program)
  • Own screen construction possible by using the widgets
  • Clear indication that the program has been adjusted
  • Old recipe settings visible and by whom they have been adjusted
  • Recipe change log (per RFID user can see who has changed something and what he has changed)
  • Error log of all errors
  • Error log of drive specific
  • More languages ​​available
  • Empty machine has been added
  • Log file is possible if the customer wishes and certain data is stored so that it can be viewed at another network location.
  • Screenshots can be taken automatically. The control makes a screenshot of all pages with settings
  • Data Usb support. This means that various data from the controller can be loaded onto USB from the controller
  • Can be linked to other systems and / or data flows
  • VPN Connection integrated