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Introduction of new thermoforming machine MK TH1050

New in the MK family:


an MK thermoforming machine. This packaging machine is designed and built entirely in Gilze and is therefore also its own product. After years of overhauling used Multivac packaging machines, we finally have our own machine. The machine is built with a standard width of 320 / 355 or 420mm. There is a choice of 200 / 220 / 240 / 250 / 270 / 300 in the exit length of the machine. This is possible with a MAP / Vacuum or only sealing technology. There are also 2 options in the choice of pumps. Standard the machine is supplied with a Busch vacuum pump, but the machine can also be supplied with a Gardner Denver pump. Further options and extensions to the standard machine can always be discussed and can be realized in consultation. If you are interested in the machine, we would like to invite you to come and view the machine in Gilze and, if possible, to realize some packaging with your test product.